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Looks alot like Sarah Hyland.

Name: Alexandra “Alex” Smith

Age: Eighteen

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Alex is very quiet and reserved but quick to speak her mind. She can be very goofy and silly but is too easily embarrassed to show that side to people she doesn’t know. She hates everything about herself, but loves making others feel better. She loves to make others happy before herself and always thinks of them first.

History: Alex’s parents divorced when she was very young, leaving her mom to raise her and her two younger sisters, Cecelia and Gina. She was always trying to be the best she could be. She’s tried killing herself multiple times, and has been in many mental hospitals. She was diagnosed with bipolar at age twelve, and is doing the experiment to try and be a better person.

Mental Illness: Bipolar Disorder

Other: Alex is addicted to self-harm, starting when she was eight, but never fully developing to cutting until she turned thirteen.

Roleplayer: frickdemetria

Looks alot like Jai Brooks

Name: Dylan Karrinton

Age: Seventeen

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Personality: Dylan is very reserved and withdrawn, not liking being out of his room. He hates people making fun of him and hates rude people but he’s quick to stand up for others and not for himself. He despises himself because he thinks he’s crazy and he hates the voices in his head.

History: Dylan is the oldest of three, his younger brother and sister, Yvette and Jacob, being his only friends. His father left when he was seven and his mother remarried when he was nine. He hates his step father because he always makes fun of him and his siblings. He’s tried killing himself a few times because of the voices telling him he is worthless.

Mental Illness: Schizophrenia 

Other: Dylan is addicted to Xanax and Colanzaprans, trying to kill the voices in his head. He is addicted to self-harm.

Roleplayer: None

Looks alot like Acacia Clark

Name: Veronica “Ronnie” Talcum

Age: Sixteen

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Personality: Ronnie is very bubbly, girly and kind. She’s very sweet to everyone and she loves going out and having fun, as long as she doesn’t have to eat. She’s very self conscious about everything she does, which led her to begin starving and purging. Basically she enjoys being around people, but doesn’t like when people ask her when she ate last.

History: Ronnie has a pretty decent life, since she was an only child she always got what she wanted. Her mother and father adored her, but the kids at school did not, they relentlessly teased her about her size and about her weight making her very self-conscious. She was bullied since the third grade and she was a little chubby. She wants to do the experiment so she doesn’t feel like shit all the time.

Mental Illness: Anorexia and Bulimia

Other: Ronnie keeps her nose clean, only drinking socially. And when she does drink, she only drinks a little.

Roleplayer: None

Looks alot like Dave Franco

Name: Sean Oserton

Age: Nineteen

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Personality: Sean is very kind and sweet, always thinking about others before himself. He loves to read and write and he loves playing his cello. He’s a big comic book dork and loves being alone in his room. He prefers being by himself, but will go out on occasion if there’s a good enough reason to.

History: Sean comes from a big family and is the fourth child of six. His mother and father struggled to support all of the children, so Sean often went hungry, he didn’t mind though. He always thought he was too big for his age, and other kids thought so as well. They all teased him for his bigger size, which caused his to develop anorexia. Hes doing the experiment to try and make his family happy.

Mental Illness: Anorexia Nervosa

Other: Sean is addicted to self-harm and weight loss pills.

Roleplayer: None

Looks alot like Demi Lovato

Name:  Lydia Andrews

Age: Twenty

Sexuality: Up to Roleplayer

Personality: Lydia is very shy and quiet; even after you get to know her, she wont open up unless she feels safe. She always feels unsafe and always has her guard up because she’s been hurt before and has a hard time trusting people. As well as not emotionally feeling safe with people, Lydia hates people touching her and being close to her but she’s very kind and won’t be rude if someone does either of those things. 

History: Lydia was beaten and raped by her adoptive father, who she lived with after her parents gave her up at four. No one in her family wanted her, making her feel unwanted her whole life. The only person she trusted with telling her secrets too was her adopted brother, Tyler, and he did his best to protect her. She doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She’s doing this experiment to be able to feel safe and sleep without nightmares.

Mental Illness: PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) caused from being raped and beaten.

Other: Lydia has nightmares and is addicted to self harm and heroin. The self harm started after the first time she was raped when she was nine. The heroin addiction started at fifteen.

Roleplayer: None

Looks alot like Austin Mahone

Name: Jason “Jase” McKinley

Age: Sixteen

Sexuality: Up to roleplayer

Personality: Jason is very manipulative and and charming. He can be witty and very good at flattery but he lies, steals a lot, and he gets into fights often. He’s regularly angry or arrogant and he shows no guilt or remorse for past actions. Jason’s never one to apologize for his mistakes and tends not to get along with most anyone because of this. People generally get frustrated having to be around him for long periods of time because he can get a bit overwhelming. 

History: Jason was orphaned at the young age of six because his parents were murdered. He has an older sister, Olivia, and a younger brother, Austin; they all lived in an orphanage until his sister turned eighteen and he and his brother went to go live with her. He’s had a lot of trouble with the law, getting caught, stealing and sometimes with drugs. He wants to see if this experiment can change him and help him to build “normal” relationships because he feels he lacks the ability to have them.

Mental Illness: Antisocial Personality Disorder (Sociopath)

Other: Jason does a lot of drugs, mostly buying prescription drugs from drug dealers. He smokes weed and drinks a lot, and has a few ulcers due to his addiction to painkillers.

Roleplayer: None

Looks alot like Marina Diamandis

Name: Riima Rose

Age: Nineteen

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Riima is very quiet, but once you get to know her shes very open and funny. Shes got a very dirty mind and is very sexual. She thinks everyone should just be able to handle her sometimes offensive jokes. Shes very crude and rude and loud after she gets comfortable with you. Shes got a sweet heart and is very sensitive, but not many people get to see that side of her.

History: Riima grew up in a broken family, her mother dying when she was five. Her father tried his best to raise her and her older brothers, Ray and Raphael. Growing up with two brothers made her very tomboyish and like “one of the guys.” She left home at 18 to try and get her dream of being a singer. Riima was diagnosed with depression when she was 13 and she hated that it made her not want to do anything. So that’s why shes doing the study. To be able to have that motivation again.

Mental Illness: Depression (chronic)

Other: Riima dabbled in self harm for a while, seeing that it made her feel a little better, but decided to stop when she saw she couldn’t do her sports. She now only smokes weed.

Roleplayer: diamandisanon

Looks alot like Zayn Malik

Name: Rory Finley

Age: Eighteen

Sexuality: Up to Roleplayer

Personality: Rory, in the nicest terms, is extremely full of himself. He always feels the need to be involved and feels like his opinions are greatly important. He’s extremely stubborn and refuses to change his opinions, even if they are wrong. As much as Rory is self-centered he is genuinely a sweet guy when given the chance. He’s very loud and outgoing and sometimes gets on people’s nerves.

History: Rory has always been extremely popular in school and a bit of a heart-breaker among the girls. Everywhere he looks, girls are always falling for him and his egotistical ways. Growing up, he had three sisters and wasn’t paid much attention to. He was always buried by other’s problems, and to adapt, he became increasingly caught up in trying to be in the spotlight. Rory agreed to the study because he’s a rare case in his town with this disorder, and he fit the age group. He’s always wanted to be famous and popular and that is what his goal is in life.

Mental Illness: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Other: Rory has done a lot of drugs during his life, only because he feels that he is invincible enough not to get addicted. Luckily, for him, he doesn’t have an addictive personality towards drugs and alcohol. Rory does drink and do drugs but only socially.

Roleplayer: None